Communication and trust

I would be glad to know more about your wedding day and your needs. My goal is to create relationships with my beautiful clients based on complicity, transparency and trust. Feel free to contact me here to receive a quote. I would be glad to set up a call to answer all your questions and offer you a tailor-made service.

You'll get a full 3 hours for your bridal trial

Trial is an essential step and an important part of your experience as a bride. To ensure a perfect makeup and hairstyle on your wedding day, a trial session is compulsory for all bridal bookings (usually 2 to 3 months before the wedding). This first meeting will allow me to understand your needs, to fine-tune the details for your big day and provide you with an early glimpse of how you will look on your wedding day. During this trial, we will translate your bridal vision into reality and create together the perfect look that suits your face, your style and your wedding dress. It's a chance to make sure everything you choose is in harmony and compliments your overall look. It will also allow us to have the same level of understanding of what you want. 

Relax, laugh and enjoy the moment

On your wedding day, I will arrive 30 minutes before the service, to set up my kit and create a peaceful place for you. Because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, I will provide you a high quality service with an unique attention, from the early morning until the very moment you leave for the ceremony. I will create a relaxed environment, provide a calming presence during the service and any touch-ups you may need. Your wedding morning sets the tone of your day, remember to relax, have fun and enjoy every moment.




Maquillage & coiffure 700 €

Maquillage & coiffure supplémentaire 500 €

Maquillage ou coiffure 400 €

Trial is compulsory for the bridal service.


Maquillage & coiffure (jour J) 300 €

Maquillage ou coiffure (jour J) 175 €


Présence avant 8h ou après 20h 50 €

Présence avant 6h ou après 22h 100 €

Accompagnement 100 € / hour

Montant minimum de réservation: 1000 € (frais de déplacement et de séjour non inclus).

SEANCE PHOTOS  - Devis sur-mesure


BRIDE (trial + D-day)

Makeup & hair

Additional makeup & hair 

Makeup or hair

Trial is compulsory for each bridal service.


Makeup & hair

Makeup or hair


Service before 8am or after 8pm

Service before 6am or after 10pm


Minimum booking fee for weddings: 1000 € (excluding travel and accommodation expenses).

PHOTOSHOOT - Upon request

Credit photo : Céline Chan



How long does it take to complete a complete makeup and hairstyle?

A complete makeup and hairstyle for the bride takes roughly 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of look and 1h30 per person for bridesmaids and guests.

Can you service large parties?

If the timing allows it, I would be delighted to do your bridesmaids and guests makeup and hair! Larger parties or early morning service will require an additional artist, carefully selected to offer the same level of service and professionalism associated with my brand. The option of additional artists is available upon request for a hiring fee of 100€ per artist.

Is it possible to book a trial first before securing my wedding date?

Trial are exclusively for brides who have booked the wedding day service placed a deposit. Due to a high demand, I can't offer to hold a wedding date until the booking is made and confirmed.

How many makeup and hairstyle can we try during the bridal trial?

A trial session includes two makeups maximum or/and one hairstyle, depending on the service booked. If you would like to try out more makeups and/or hairstyles, please get in touch with me so we can organize additional time. Extra cost will apply as I need to allow more time for the additional looks.

Is it possible to change the services after booking?

Once the contract has been signed, a service can be added to the contract, but not removed. It is possible to add a person/service after booking, you'll just have to allow extra time and let me know as soon as possible. If you are unsure about a person/service, it is recommended to not include it on the first booking contract. If the getting ready location is changing, the travel costs will be requoted according to the new location. 


In France

I would be glad to come to your home or venue to do your makeup and hairstyle. Please note that travel and accommodation expenses are applied for the trial and the D-day and that they are not included on the price listed above.

Do you travel?

I love doing destination weddings! Feel free to send me more information on your travel plans, and I will create a custom quote to suit your needs.



How to book your service?

A deposit of 30% and signed contract are required to book my service and confirm your date on my calendar. 2 weeks prior to your event, the remainder of the balance is due. If some guests finally want to have their makeup and hair done by me on the D-day, the payment must be made before my departure.