Makeup & hair (trial + D-day) 600 €

2nd look makeup & hair  (trial + D-day) 350 €

Makeup & hair (trial only)  250 €*

*By booking the trial only, the D-day service is not confirmed on my calendar. 

Trial is compulsory for the bridal package. 


Makeup or hair (trial only) 150 €

Makeup or hair (D-day200 €


Makeup & hair (D-day) 250 € / person


Service before 8am or after 8pm 50 €

Touch-up 50 € / hour

Minimum booking fee for weddings: 600 € (excluding travel and accommodation expenses)

PHOTOSHOOT - Upon request



How long does it take to complete a complete makeup and hairstyle?

A complete makeup and hairstyle for the bride takes roughly 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of look. For bridesmaids and guests, it takes 1h30 per person, depending on the type of look. Please note: For hairstyle, Hollywood waves and wavy ponytails require more time to be done (around 1h30) whereas updos, simple wavy hair and half up hairstyles require around 45min.

Are there any preparations needed for my makeup and hair on the D-day?

- Place: It's recommended to do the makeup in a bright place, facing the daylight. 

- Table: Please provide a clean table before my arrival to lay out the makeup and accessories.

- Face: Your face should to be cleaned with your daily skincare products before starting the makeup. 

- Hair: Your hair should be washed and dried by brushing the day before the service.

Why is a bridal trial important?

To ensure a perfect makeup and hairstyle on your wedding day, a trial session is compulsory for all bridal bookings (usually 2 to 3 months before the D-day). This first meeting will allow me to discuss with you and understand your needs in terms of style, color and to fine-tune the details for your wedding day. A trial session includes 1 makeup or/and 1 hairstyle, depending on the service you book. During this 2 to 3 hour trial, we will design and create together the perfect look for your big day. It's recommended to bring photos of your dress, accessories and all photos related to the wedding theme. This will allow us to have the same level of understanding of what you want for the D-day.

Is it possible to change the services after booking?

Once the contract has been signed, a service can be added to the contract, but not removed. It's possible to add a person/service after booking, you'll just have to allow extra time and let me know as soon as possible. If you are unsure about a person/service, please do not include it on the first booking contract. If the getting ready location is changing, the travel costs will be requoted according to the new location. 


In France

I will come to your home or the place of the event to do your makeup and hairstyle. Please note that travel and accommodation expenses are applied for the trial and the D-day and that they are not included on the price listed above.

Do you travel?

I love doing destination weddings! Feel free to send me more information on your travel plans, and I will create a custom offer to suit your needs.


Do you need a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit and signed contract is required in order to get your event on the calendar. 2 weeks prior to you event, the remainder of the balance is due. If some guests finally want to have their makeup and hair done by me on the D-day, the payment must be made before my departure.